All our vehicles are perfectly equipped to drive on mountain roads, in adverse conditions of snow, ice or rain.


Exceptional circulation of buses and heavy vehicles on roads with a red or yellow level due to winter roads. Since 2015, the General Directorate of Traffic has granted special authorizations so that buses can circulate exceptionally with a red level, this is when there is snow on the road, as long as several requirements are met, giving each authorized bus a badge with the following pictogram. Olperer SL. It has these authorizations for all its vehicles since its entry into force.






All our vehicles are equipped with ECO3 air purifiers. The ECO3 air purifier has proven its effectiveness in the vehicles it has been installed on. It has been scientifically tested by the prestigious international company SGS Tecnos, an expert in the environment, obtaining the UNE 100012: 2005 standard.


Unlike other cleaning and disinfection systems, ECO3 is designed to perform its function with passengers on board and with the vehicle in motion, optimizing its use. The ECO3 air purifier drastically reduces: fungi, viruses, volatile organic compounds, neutralizes biological pollutants, such as bacteria. Increase the oxygen concentration to maintain healthy levels and avoid the feeling of suffocation inside. Avoid dizziness and nausea in passengers, etc.





Volkswagen 4 motion - 8 pax

  • Ideal for both long tours and the most demanding mountain slopes.
  • With trailer hitch.

Ford Transit 4x4 - 8 pax

  • Perfect for groups with lots of luggage.
  • With trailer hitch.

Ford Transit - 13 pax

  • Perfect size to reach any corner.

Ford Transit - 17 pax

  • Perfect for medium distance rides.
  • With trailer hitch.

Iveco Daily Strada - 19 pax

  • Robust for mountain trails and internal routes.
  • With trailer hitch.

MAN Staco - 34 pax + G

  • Bus for medium groups.

Iveco Crossway - 47 pax + G

  • Ideal for snow.
  • With trailer hitch.

MAN Andecar - 55 pax + G

  • Ideal for all kinds of events.
  • Snow expert.

Scania Touring - 55 pax + G

  • Perfect for medium and long journeys.
  • Great comfort.

Volvo Sunsundegui - 71 pax + G

  • Ideal for large events.
  • Great comfort.
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